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Post  Shadestar on Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:34 am

OOC Part of Form:

OOC Name: Ava

Other Characters: none

How you Found us: I am one of the creators.

In Character Part of Form:

Character Name: Shadestar, When retired from leader (if he does not die) Shadetalon.

Gender: Tom

Age: (in moons) 20 moons (9 lives left)

Clan: FrostClan

Rank: Confirmed leader of FrostClan

Crush: None, I'm a leader too busy for such silly things.

Mate: None Right now.

Kits: Maybe later in life.

Kin: Tigerstar is his great,great,great grandfather

Personality: Shadestar. A leader to be reckoned with. This tyrannical cat is brave, loyal, and can be quiet cruel at times. He leads his clan with great pride and will give up his life for his clan. Shadestar likes everything to be his way, and will show he is the top dog in the clan. He expects everyone to respect him, and do as he says. He is very stradegisitic and will never back down from a fight unless he has a good enough reason not to. He talks like everything annoys him, and cares about no one. Though deep inside of this lifeless shell there is a kind, and caring soul just waiting to come out. Shadestar is acctually petty nice, and very caring considering he would give his life up for the clan. If anyone dares threaten the life of a clanmate, they won't be living much longer. He isn't afraid to kill, and will if he must. He can be a bit overprotective of his clan, but overall is a strong leader who does well in leading his clan. His love life will be short if he ever does find someone he likes. Shadestar does not like the idea of love, yet he does because more kits means more warriors. So he is a bit ify about the subject right now. He may end up falling in love with someone, but lets just say the odds are it will not be a cat particularly nice and too sweet. Now, if you want to know more why don't you come meeting him yourself >=)
History: (optional)

other details: None

Looks: Shadestar's Form Ayactz

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