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Post  Blazestar on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:11 am

OOC Part of Form:

OOC Name: Dianne
Other Characters: None right now, but maybe in the future.

How you Found us: I am an admin, and one of the creators of the site.

In Character Part of Form:

Character Name: (if you would like to be leader for either Stormclan or Treeclan. Please put a warrior name incase you are not picked as leader. ) Blazestar, but if I retire my name
will be Blazefeather.

Gender: She-cat

Age: (in moons) 19 moons - 9 lives left.

Clan: EmberClan!

Rank: (Admins will pick leaders of TreeClan and StormClan depending on Auditions. but you may put Leader as Rank if you would like to be considered. also Deputys can only be
picked by a leader so please do not put deputy as rank.) Confirmed Leader of EmberClan.

Crush: None right now, but she will be looking for a tom who would be a good mate.

Mate: No one right now.

Kits: None yet.

Kin: Firestar is her lots of greats grandfather (on her fathers side), but she didn't know this until the night he came to her in her dreams to tell her she was going to be the chosen leader of EmberClan and gave her nine lives.

Personality: (Atleast 3 sentences) She is a brave and confident cat, who isn't afraid to try new things- even if they seem dangerous or foolish- as long as they aren't against or break the Warrior Code. Even though she is only a 19 moon old leader, she is wise for her age. The older cats in EmberClan sometimes misjudge her because she is young and was born half kittypet, but she doesn't let it bother her too much. She is terrified of failing her clan as a leader, and feels very bad when something happens to one of her Clanmates that she could have prevented. She tries to not be mean or rude, but her temper can get the best of her sometimes. She is a curious cat (like her dad and ancestor, Firestar, and his kin) and it got her into trouble a lot when she was a kit.

History: (optional) She was born a half kittypet because her mother (Tangerine) was a kittypet and her father (Dusty) was a rogue. After her and her sister (Ashkit) and two brothers (Sparkkit & Coalkit) were born, their father was taken away shortly after (about 3 moons) by Twolegs and she has no idea where he is now. She was seperated from her siblings and mother when she was 9 moons old, and became a loner after that. She misses her family still, but is glad she is part of EmberClan now.

other details: ^ Pretty much said everything.

Looks: (picture or Discription.) Orange she cat with a white chest and belly, and has stripes on her fur (orange part only). She has a small white spot on her orange back that is a birthmark, and has bright green eyes. Look at pic on profile for more info.


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