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Form For your Character Empty Form For your Character

Post  Admin(s)- Ava, Dianne on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:32 pm

This is the form you will use to create your character. Once you copy the form you will press New Topic and put your characters name in the title. Then fill out the Form and wait to be accepted. Please read General Rules First.


OOC Part of Form:

OOC Name:

Other Characters:

How you Found us:

In Character Part of Form:

Character Name: (if you would like to be leader for either Stormclan or Treeclan. Please put a warrior name incase you are not picked as leader. )


Age: (in moons)


Rank: (Admins will pick leaders of TreeClan and StormClan depending on Auditions. but you may put Leader as Rank if you would like to be considered. also Deputys can only be picked by a leader so please do not put deputy as rank.)





Personality: (Atleast 3 sentences)

History: (optional)

other details:

Looks: (picture or Discription.)

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