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Post  Admin(s)- Ava, Dianne on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:06 pm


1. Please be respective of all members and staff members of Metoria. No public rants about other players. (Email us if there is a problem.)

2. Keep swearing to a minimum, please. (This goes for OOC and roleplaying. You will be banned if you break this rule multiple times.)

3. The maximum amount of characters you can have is three. You must make a new account for each character you make, but please keep the same OOC Name and email. (Let us know you have other characters in your audition, too.)

4. Refrain from posting OOC comments in the in character section. (You can have a signature!)

5. If you would like to advertise your site, please post it on the advertsing category only. Please and thank you!

6. Your username for your account must be the name of the character you are playing.


1. Please no detailed mating, fighting, or birth scenes. It may be disturbing and/or too graphic for some people.

2. When a cat in the Clan dies they have X options. They can: Play as that character in LostClan (paradise basically), Or go to the Maze (basically you will just be walking around forever unless you run into someone else. Then you can travel as a group) For more info go to the appropriate pages.

3. When a leader retires, they must change their name (you have to change your username too!) back to their Warrior name or the Warrior name that was in their audition.

4. Keep this semi-realistic. (No unatural eye or fur colors)

5. No powerplaying, or godmodding. That means no special powers or super powers. We want to keep this semi-realistic!

We may add more rules as the site grows, but have fun roleplaying! Smile

Admin(s)- Ava, Dianne

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